Phoibos will service quartz watch sold on our website for 1 year after purchase (non-transferable warranty).

Phoibos will service automatic watch sold on our website for 2 years after purchase (non-transferable warranty).

The warranty covers the movement of the watch only. Watches that have symptoms of abnormally gaining time, losing time, or not keeping proper time will be serviced under our warranty program. Our warranty does not cover "external damage" to the product.

If you order watches from our distributors, please direct contact them get warranty.


External damage to the product. Any damages resulting from wear to the watch case, crystal/glass, dial,watch bracelet, watch bezel, straps, screws, crown/stem, finishes, clasps/buckles, or any other physical damage to the watch.

Defects caused by outside force or improper use. ANY such incidental damages which occur by dropping or banging the timepiece.

Any damage if used under conditions which exceed the watch manufacturer’s water resistance guidelines.

For warranty repair, customers should contact us by Customer Service ( before returning any watch. PHOIBOS will not be responsible for returned watch without notifying us in advance. email us to obtain a return merchandise authorization number (RMA).

Warranty Process 

1.Email us at to get the RMA number
(1)Please send an email with attachment, include a copy of purchase invoice with date on it (PayPal invoice, Amazon invoice, eBay invoice etc).
(2)A note describing the malfunction.
2. We check the invoice and send RMA number to you.
3. You complete the repair application and ship watch to our China Service Center.
4. After we receive the watch will take 15-30 days to repair.
5. Your watch will be sent back to you as well as email notification.

Phoibos Watch Customer Service
Telephone: +86(0)22/58283980

C92 Wenchuangyuan
Changjiangdao Nankai
Tianjin 300071 China

When shipping, we recommend that you insure your watch against damage, theft or loss. We are not responsible for damage, theft or loss during shipping. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SEND WATCH BOXES. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.